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Fix “Other” menu on MATE

Many MATE users find that their “Other” menu gets very cluttered. Wine applications, Chrome apps, and anything else that uses a custom, local user menu ends up here. As a quick fix, I found that this can be alleviated with a few commands. Open a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T), then paste the following command in:

ln -s ~/.config/menus/applications-merged ~/.config/menus/mate-applications-merged

Screenshot-Run ApplicationHit enter, then either log out and log back in or restart your panel with mate-panel –replace. Note: this should be run in the ALT+F2 Run Application prompt, not the terminal.


Fixing Monolingual Disaster

This should not be empty. Oops.

I broke my Mac (kind of). A popular utility, Monolingual, allows you to remove unneeded languages, architectures, and input methods from your Mac OS X, which saves quite a bit of space (it saved me almost 7 GB!) on your Mac OS X install. The good part about this is that while it does reduce space used, it can even boost performance, as there is less data contained within applications. The bad part is that¬†you can remove too much. In my case, I removed all input languages, so now I can’t type – at all. Every key on my keyboard works, except for the actual letters, which is extremely frustrating. Continue reading

Making an OS X installer USB from Windows

I’ve recently encountered an issue with my Mac OS X Leopard installation that requires me to have the installer disk handy,¬†which I do not have. Given that I do not have a Linux system ready, and I only have Windows 8.1, I will cover how to do this from Windows. This should cover just about any Windows system, but some instructions may differ. I’ve created a software bundle with a fairly descriptive readme, which can be downloaded here. After you’ve downloaded that, follow the instructions in the readme to get a working Mac OS X installer through Windows. This should work with any version of Mac OS X. As goes with just about anything, your mileage may vary, but this worked very well for myself. Hopefully you find as much use of this as I did. If you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment!


Win32DiskImager + dmg2img bundle