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I'm a guy who does a bunch of computer stuff.

Livecraft Discord Server

Being that I can’t get the server online in the near future, I’ve made a Discord server. If you haven’t heard of Discord, imagine IRC chat (if you know that), mixed with Skype and Teamspeak. Long story short, it’s great, and here’s the link to join! If you don’t already have Discord, I highly recommend downloading it.

There is no requirement to join, other than signing into Discord.

  1. Download Discord (optional, recommended)
  2. Join Livecraft’s Server

Livecraft Update

I’d like to address growing concern regarding Livecraft’s future. I’ve had it offline for some time, due to various concerns, so I’ll be explaining what is going on. I’ve been quite busy with work in my personal life, as well as dealing with computer hardware problems on the server. The server software that was used to run the server no longer functions as expected, and the original developer has abandoned the project (ahtenus’ minecraft-init). I have since created my own version; however, it does not perform all of the functions necessary to run Livecraft properly; therefore, Livecraft cannot run as expected at the moment. The server computer itself is heavily underpowered and I do not have the funds to upgrade it.

So, what does this mean for Livecraft?

Livecraft’s regular operations are on a hiatus until the following can be certain:

  1. Either a new computer to host it, or enough dependable money to rent a VPS monthly
  2. Staff familiar with whichever setup it will use, so it can be administrated without me
  3. When I can get more free time
  4. If #1 involves a new computer, we will need a working minecraft-init systemd bash script.

Livecraft is something I care about greatly; however, I don’t want to force myself to run it when it does not meet the expectations I have for the server. To put it bluntly, I would rather provide no server than a very poor experience.

I aim to have Livecraft online in a future date, but I honestly cannot guarantee a date when it will return. All I can say for now is that I do intend on bringing it back


Jonathan Alfonso


I always find JS benchmarks between browsers, demoing how “fast” XYZ company’s browser is, but they only include a single benchmark (such as Octane). One thing I’ve noticed is many sites are beginning to use WebGL elements, and games such as Polycraft are becoming more popular. I decided to pit a few common browsers against each other, to show which one is the best for WebGL.

  1. Firefox (6,380)
  2. Chrome (5,190)
  3. Opera (4,740)
  4. Vivaldi (3,800)
  5. Internet Explorer/Edge (0; test crashed)

OORTONLINE.GL results graph 10-29-2015

Livecraft Is Currently Offline

Notice: Livecraft is currently offline until further notice. Due to hardware difficulties and lack of funding, a repair is not possible currently and may take up to four weeks to complete. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Fix “Other” menu on MATE

Many MATE users find that their “Other” menu gets very cluttered. Wine applications, Chrome apps, and anything else that uses a custom, local user menu ends up here. As a quick fix, I found that this can be alleviated with a few commands. Open a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T), then paste the following command in:

ln -s ~/.config/menus/applications-merged ~/.config/menus/mate-applications-merged

Screenshot-Run ApplicationHit enter, then either log out and log back in or restart your panel with mate-panel –replace. Note: this should be run in the ALT+F2 Run Application prompt, not the terminal.


Fixing Monolingual Disaster

This should not be empty. Oops.

I broke my Mac (kind of). A popular utility, Monolingual, allows you to remove unneeded languages, architectures, and input methods from your Mac OS X, which saves quite a bit of space (it saved me almost 7 GB!) on your Mac OS X install. The good part about this is that while it does reduce space used, it can even boost performance, as there is less data contained within applications. The bad part is that you can remove too much. In my case, I removed all input languages, so now I can’t type – at all. Every key on my keyboard works, except for the actual letters, which is extremely frustrating. Continue reading

Making an OS X installer USB from Windows

I’ve recently encountered an issue with my Mac OS X Leopard installation that requires me to have the installer disk handy, which I do not have. Given that I do not have a Linux system ready, and I only have Windows 8.1, I will cover how to do this from Windows. This should cover just about any Windows system, but some instructions may differ. I’ve created a software bundle with a fairly descriptive readme, which can be downloaded here. After you’ve downloaded that, follow the instructions in the readme to get a working Mac OS X installer through Windows. This should work with any version of Mac OS X. As goes with just about anything, your mileage may vary, but this worked very well for myself. Hopefully you find as much use of this as I did. If you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment!


Win32DiskImager + dmg2img bundle

PowerPC in 2015


Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. I figured I’d talk about a project I’m currently working on, which is my attempt to make a PowerPC-based Power Mac work well in the year 2015. The specific model in question is a PowerMac G4 FW800 (Dual 1.42GHz; PowerMac3,6), and it is my main desktop. This desktop was released in 2002 with some amazing specs – dual 1.42GHz PowerPC G4 processors, 512MB DDR RAM, a Radeon 9000 Pro, a 120GB 7200RPM IDE hard disk, and a HUGE display – 23″ Apple Cinema Display that runs at 1920×1200.

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Make your own Ubuntu 14.04 LTS MATE Edition

Hey guys, I’m a frequent reader of OMG! Ubuntu!, and I read a guide about how to install the MATE desktop environment on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. While this is neat, many people (such as myself) prefer their distribution to have one and only one desktop environment to prevent duplication of features and waste of space. As a result, I decided to write this guide.

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